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5 Things to Look For in a Contractor – WHY & HOW

Clients often ask us if we are licensed and insured… and my response is “Absolutely!” Then we typically discuss the details of the project.  I wanted to dive deeper into WHY and HOW this is a NECESSARY thing to have in a contractor.

Here’s 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN A CONTRACTOR, from my experience:

  1. License – If they have a license, this means they are professional and want to do more business in the future.  They have an entity certificate on file with The Secretary Of State that can be linked back to a tax or ID number.
  2. Insurance – They have the minimum insurance requirement set forth by the state, then they are serious enough to understand the risks associated with their service and profession.  Their workman’s compensation is a sign that their company and its employees/subcontractors all understand the risk if someone was to get injured on your project.
  3. Appearance – A clean or standard uniform/workshirt that reflects their service with a logo.  This shows they stand behind their brand or marketing and are serious professionals.
  4. Organization – If their bid is on a napkin or loose paper with doodles in the corner, how can you expect to be taken seriously when referring them to your dentist or banker?  They should have a form or spreadsheet that shows exactly what is being offered and the details behind the contract.
  5. 5. Attitude – A squared-away attitude is one thing that makes a project run well. Their positive attitude can help get the project done on time & on budget. You’ll have a more likely chance of referring them to your family and friends if they aren’t just grumpy contractors with no care about your project. Smiles can go miles!

Keep these items in mind when you are picking out a contractor. You want to choose the best contractor for your project. There’s a reason they might not be the lowest bidder on your project.  It's refreshing to know they are properly licensed and insured to keep the risk minimized in your home or on your project.

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